Please stop

Please stop emailing me with requests like this one:

I am currently writing a research paper on the History of hip hop for African American History. I was wondering if you would be able to recommend me some resources that would be beneficial to me in writing this paper. Also any ideas for specific thesis statements would be nice. I was thinking about writing about the cause and effect of the origins of Hip-hop culture.

While I’m happy to support the efforts of young scholars interested in musical history and African American history, I am not in the business of sending out my intellectual property gratis, just because you can use the internet. Also, your paper idea is really stupid.



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3 responses to “Please stop

  1. Anonymous

    i heart you

  2. “Also, your paper idea is really stupid.”

    Ha, well done. A good laugh for the morning.

  3. That was again hilarious. I would say you have a very good sense of humor.

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