Today’s unsurprising news

To add to last week’s realization that Daddy Balloon was hoaxing:

The Atlantic is worried that people like Mad Men so much. This might be the cause of ruthless, niche marketing, and class-based tastes.

The Mayor of Moscow has his decoder ring on; plans to save Moscow from expected light, winter snowfall.



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2 responses to “Today’s unsurprising news

  1. the Atlantic article is on especially strong ground in describing the moral anachronism as cheap grace for the viewer. however i think it’s gotten a little bit more subtle in later seasons. most notably, paul kinsey is the most progressive character but a) he’s played as a self-righteous blowhard and b) if you watch his interactions w peggy closely you’ll see that he has just as much patriarchal entitlement as any of the other characters.
    (dear god, did i just type “patriarchal entitlement”? i’ve been a sociologist too long)

  2. Jenn Lena

    Has it gotten more subtle, or are we more practiced viewers in the art of considering such “cheap grace”?

    Anyway, I certainly wouldn’t trade a “then is now” storyline for some other kind, at least not if one of my objectives is to highlight social distance. And I prefer a story that sets up massive social change as “the solution” (a la “the 60s”, however imaginary that is) to one that leaves the viewer assuming thoughtful, individual reflection is going to make whatever ‘ism no more.

    I have to say, the Atlantic piece is nice. Fussy adjectives, but nice.

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