I promise

I promise I will try not to flood this blog with posts about the new season of Mad Men. But I have every intention of deluging you with peripherally related material.

In the second episode, adman Kinsey has a sweet Mary Jane hookup in the person of a former Princeton classmate. Playing that part is Miles Fisher, who has an extraordinary knack for impersonation.  Here’s his impression of Tom Cruise’s wacky Scientology video “discovered” “leaked” on the internet some months ago.

He has this extraordinary blog, also.


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  1. The full brilliance if that scene requires some pretty intimate familiarity with princeton undergrad culture. here’s what i (a former princeton grad student) remember finding notable:

    arch sings
    the legendary class of ’55
    “scholarship” as an insult (the notorious “dirty bicker” was in 1958)
    treating your class year as part of your name, eg, “Joe Blow ’09”

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