Today’s featured Venezuelan-American

Devendra Banhart just came across my wires, and I’ve spend an enjoyable afternoon getting to know his 2005 album, “Cripple Crow.”  My entry point was a song entitled “Chinese Children”; the first line is: “If I lived in China, I’d have some Chinese children.”  It turns out, even if he lived in Spainland, they’d still be Chinese children.  It might not sound funny in the retelling, but imagine stumbling across it.  Add to that a pretty funky, simple guitar and tambourine, and you’ve got yourself a cool, strange, summer groove.

Banhart’s wikipedia page says he was born in Texas, grew up in Venezuela, and records his records in Woodstock and Topanga Canyon [MTV said he was born in Venezuela, I think].  Ergo, his music is stupidly described as “Freaky Folk”, as if that was supposed to be a compliment.  He appears to prefer “naturalismo” although he provided a list that included [something] Penis in an MTV News interview I watched.

And I’ll give you a little video, too.  There’s loads of stuff on the eutube with the music, but here’s some of the talking.  I find it fascinating, and freaking hilarious.


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