susan boyle redux

It turns out, Meghan O’Rourke over at Slate sees the world as I do:

But do not take this for a moment to be a blow in the face of ageism. Or a sign that we’re becoming a more thoughtful culture. Just listen to the condescension in beautiful, tanned, made-over Amanda Holden‘s language when she tells newspapers that the moment they give Boyle a makeover would be the moment “it’s spoilt.” Indeed, it would be. It would mean we couldn’t for that moment feel our little hit of catharsis, of canned “uplift,” before going to our usual over-valorization of erotic value and celebrity plasticity. In one sense, Robin Givhan was wrong yesterday to suggest we’re fooling ourselves if we think Boyle doesn’t need a makeover. She does. But my bet is that the makeover will only disenchant us with her over time. We got the hit we needed, and like any stimulant, its effect will decrease as we try to re-experience it.

I guess she got her brows done.


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