What counts as amateur.

As you may have heard/read, 47 year old Susan Boyle performed on Britain’s Got Talent, singing “I Dreamed a Dream” from Les Miserables.  The dulcet tones of her little hummingbirdness shocked audience and panel, alike.  Of course, this is because middle aged ladies with bad perms aren’t supposed to have nice voices.  We learn this in the post-performance banter when the Mermaid judgelady explains the whole audience was “against her” and now have had “the biggest wake up call ever.”  I beg to disagree.  Both the “cynicism” and the “wake up call” are premised on the same foundation: unattractive, odd, middle aged ladies can’t make art.  I don’t think we’ve woken up, lady.

Oh, and as for the “biggest surprise in three years on the show” claim–ah, how short our memories be…anyone remember Paul Potts?  And remember, too, that Mr. Potts had received voice training and had spent some time singing opera in the local Bath amateur company, at the Southgate company in London, and had toured Italy with a small group from the Royal Philharmonic, before appearing on the show.  Revelations about Ms. Boyle to come.

Also in music news: Don’t forget that Eurovision 2009 quickly approaches.  I am not able to handicap this thing but can recommend that you pay some attention to the Czech Republic’s contribution.  Atrocity.



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5 responses to “What counts as amateur.

  1. Peter

    I know I was against her. Next thing you know, they’re going to let middle aged women have sex and stuff. And then what? Brains? Political ambition? It’s a slippery slope, really..

  2. Who says it’s only the Yanks who believe in the Horatio Alger stuff.

  3. Aww, come on, I like the Czech ‘atrocity’! Its got a superhero in it!

    (by the way, Norway is the big big favorite in the betting and online polls, but both are notoriously bad at actually predicting the winner)

    Re: Susan Boyle. I don’t think I can stand a whole Britain’s Got Talent worth of hearing about her. The fact is, as you said, she *is* getting through on cynicism. *sigh*

  4. Jenn Lena

    Kieran: Are they playing Euro 2009? I’d love to hear some Horatio Alger. Is it classical music?

    Carly: I thought that awful Greek crooner was in the lead. Oof. It is all so terrible, frankly. But in the most wonderful, awful way.

    Peter: Ew.

  5. I stopped watching the Eurovision when Ireland stopped winning every year.

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