Super fresh.

As I am writing to you, our culture is falling off the edge of reason.  I hope you packed some snacks.

Update: “Fast food giant Burger King and Seattle, Washington rapper Sir-Mix-A-lot have come under fire for a Hip-Hop commercial featuring Nickelodeon character SpongeBob. The Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood is taking Burger King and Nickelodeon Television President Cyma Zarghami to task over the “SpongeBob SquareButt” commercial. The spot features Sir-Mix-A-Lot reinterpreting his hit 1990 song “Baby Got Back” with new lyrics that start “I like Square Butts and I cannot Lie.” The lyrics spoof the original song and feature Mix-A-Lot flanked by two scantily clad women on each arm. Additionally, Burger King’s mascot, The King, is seen dancing along with women gyrating, cut with images of SpongeBob dancing. More than 2,600 CCFC members have written to Nickelodeon and Burger King in the past 48 hours, complaining about the commercial, which promotes Burger King’s Kids Meals. “Parents deserve to know whether Nickelodeon—the most popular children’s television network—signed off on the use of SpongeBob in a commercial that celebrates lechery and objectifies women,” CCFC director Dr. Susan Linn said.”


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  1. I’ve been blinded by branding.

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