Sunday morning insight

I have just realized that my backyard “privacy fence”, which also obscures the end of the driveway at which the car sits, provides early morning anxiety about the car being stolen.  The question: Should I move the driveway or perhaps carve a little window into the fence?  Please note: the largest tool I have is a hammer, and the sharpest is a sweet Japanese carving knife which I can’t even bear to use on veggies, considering how expensive it was to buy.p1010377



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2 responses to “Sunday morning insight

  1. A carefully placed series of mirrors — on the tree, hanging from the power lines, etc. — should do the trick

  2. Jenn Lena

    Interesting idea, Jay. I do have little adhesive mirrors left over from an Ikea run. But some will need to hang from things…

    Additional questions:
    How are moths possible?
    Is the bee flying forward the male or female bee (and, by extension, what sex is the backward flying bee)?

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