Hurry up, already. I haven’t got all day.

I almost sucker punched the woman in line ahead of me at CVS yesterday, so this really made me laugh:

A Department of the Interior report released Wednesday stated that there are 6 trillion such instances that could not possibly go any slower if they tried, some of which include budget meetings, shaving, the act of waiting, upward mobility, microwaving that lasagna, settling down and starting a family, walking from one place to another, searching for a misplaced item, returning to the place you initially walked from, air travel, 2009, and the time it takes for a sent e-mail to arrive in someone’s inbox.

The picture of the guy frustrated at his slow microwave kills me.



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2 responses to “Hurry up, already. I haven’t got all day.

  1. I know someone who argues store lines are the best reason not to allow concealed weapons.

  2. Jenn Lena

    I frankly don’t understand why people can’t prepare their form of payment while they are waiting. Nor do I understand why the elderly think postal service workers want to hear about their lumbago. With all the parts of human behavior I don’t understand, its a freaking miracle I’m a sociologist.

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