The Changing Nature of Work

This title in honor of the panel I’m working to manifest.

Inside Higher Ed reports the result of an ASA survey on adjuncting in Sociology departments and finds the percentage of permenant (read: tenure and tenure track) faculty has remained relatively stable over the last six years, despite an increase in the ratio of majors-to-faculty.  The conclusion?  We’re teaching more.  I shudder to think about those folks at “Masters II” who have transitioned from a 3-3 to a 4-4.  Anyone care to sing a round of the Internationale?


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2 responses to “The Changing Nature of Work

  1. Pottier

    For reason in revolt now thunders, and at last ends the age of cant…

  2. And the study does not take into account community colleges where the PT/FT ratios are close to 40/60 and growing with an already greater teaching load (I teach 5/5).

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