The Youth feel they must fight for Western Civilization

This whole sordid thread began when a friend brought Bay Buchanan’s upcoming talk on immigration to my attention.  Bay was in graduate school in mathematics when she decided to work for Nixon’s ’72 campaign, and this carried over into Reagan’s ’76 campaign.  Her brother, Pat Buchanan must have recommended her.  She then worked as Reagan’s national treasurer in the ’80 campaign and was awarded with the post of Secretary of the Treasury–she remains the youngest person ever to hold this position.

Anyway, Buchanan’s talk at Vandy was promoted on Facebook by a group calling themselves Youth for Western Civilization.

Here’s the text describing the group, there:

The purpose of Youth for Western Civilization is to form a right wing youth movement.

Youth for Western Civilization educates, organizes and trains activists on campuses across the nation to create a subculture that promotes the survival of Western Civilization and pride in Western heritage.

Youth for Western Civilization provides guidance, educational materials, and funding for student groups which work for Western values on campus.

New groups will be established if none are present on a campus and all possible assistance will be given to those groups that wish to work with us.

The end goal of Youth for Western Civilization is an awakening of young Westerners that will fight for their heritage and their liberties against leftist occupation and restore sanity to American universities.

How could you not look at the listed website?

Among the “goals” they seek to accomplish is this bone chilling number one item:

1. Inspire Western youth to organize on the basis of identity, with pride in their heritage and their history, and counter radical multiculturalism on campus.

I had to know more about this “radical multiculturalism” and how it might be brought to its knees.  Sadly, nothing.  If I join the organization, or contact the Leadership Institute about founding a new chapter at my school, they will send me reading material.  Maybe the answers will be found, there.  In the meanwhile, I am going to retreat to my mountain top chalet, where all the linens are emblazoned with the logo of the Youth for Western Civilization: the axe of innocents.  Shudder.



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  1. The logo has a nice old-timey socialist realist feel to it. Very 1930s. Either that or baking soda.

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