Signs the end is near?

Sudhir Venkatesh (Sociology, Columbia) hits #95 on Rolling Stone’s list “The 100 People Who Are Changing America.” In other news: M.I.A. is more important than Al Gore, and only 5 women are doing anything important in this country.

That Old Navy commercial for the strangely named Mid-Town Dresses is less strangely dubbed racism.

Bob Barker was once a nude model, and turned down porn for the Price is Right.

I have saved you from the new Spears video (although those facebook friends have not been so lucky) only to subject you to Lindsey Lohan’s new ad for some Italian clothes manufacturer.  As they wrote at D-listed, this should either be interpreted as Saturday Night Live satire or an avant-garde teenage film student’s tribute to JEM!  Bonus points if you don’t have to look that up.


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