I know you’re all wondering what you’re missing in Austin, stuck behind that desk.  Just like last year, Paul Ford will review it…briefly.

Update: Actually, you have to read and hear this.  I’ma just copy this from Ford’s copy:


Futomomo Satisfaction is only one “trombone BIKINI girls band” in the world. (Futomomo means thighs.) Live Performance of this Japanese revolutional icon band has been rarely performed. A lot of people has been anxious for it, and anyone who has seen, has been attracted and cheered momentarily. Your eyes must be glued to three girls who put on BIKINI. On the stage, they not only play trombone, but also shout, sing, and dance. We Futomomo Satisfaction promises you we will play an enthusiastic live at SXSW2009.


Futomomo Satisfaction has eight members. Three BIKINI trombones, one BIKINI keyboards, a saxophone, a guitar, a bass, and drums.

Three BIKINI trombone girls;

Left: JACKIE (Takako Miyazaki). Jackie performs a punk rocker. She is always smoking marlboro.

Center: SUZUYAKKO (Suzuko Matsuyama). Leader, Suzuyakko performs a lonely Geisha-girl. She has taken off at least 30 girls or more’ clothes, and put them on bikinis.

Right: LUMIERE (Rumie Tada). Lumiere performs an amazones. She attracts you by her wild and sexy dance.



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