Crisis of numeracy

I am starting to get a handle on what is “wrong” with our society.  This from the morning’s New York Times:

He remained silent and motionless, ignoring questions from television crews before the judge and eight-person jury — six men and six women — entered and cameras were sent out.









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5 responses to “Crisis of numeracy

  1. In US juries, there will sometimes be as many as four alternate jurors. But they’re usually sent home once the verdict is reached, if not before. Maybe in Austria, women count as only one-third of a juror.

  2. Or, maybe the New York Times is rejecting a binary dichotomy for sex/gender? … Probably not.

  3. Jenn Lena

    I would love to meet the two that are counted as both being a male and a female member of this jury. I’d buy them a beer, or whatever Austrians drink. Maybe the lederhosen are throwing off this reporter’s gender sorting? Although the Austrians I’ve met are muy macho. Maybe Jay’s right, and women count as less than a whole person. Then again, maybe the Times has turned into a suckfest of shoddy reporting and the editorial staff is now drunk, 24-7.

  4. It’s interesting though that the original text is from Reuters, and then reproduced all over the place and no one noticed, at all these newspapers that used the Reuters copy, that little glitch.

  5. Jenn Lena

    Of course, the text is gone now, as is the BBC’s snafu, calling the CIA the “criminal intelligence agency.” I can’t link since it is now an invisible error (unless I wanted to delay sending in this grant or my taxes to find a Ye Olde Internet site).

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