Swidler on Elsewhere, U.S.A.: “Agonies of the Twitterati.”



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6 responses to “Awww…snap.

  1. mom

    How do you spell that sound you make when you bear your teeth and suck in the saliva as if something stings?

    Holy cowwww.

  2. It’s “Elsewhere, USA” which I am currently reading and is indeed an annoying book so far but it is part of a trend that relishes in deploring (insert social phenomenon that used to be so great) without providing much evidence that things are actually worse.

    Also, for all the talk of social inequalities, it’s the kind of books that is completely ignorant of social classes except for the elite stratum to which the author belongs.

  3. I should add that the intro of the book clearly makes Conley look a bit foolish now.

  4. Jenn Lena

    Mom: tffft?

    SocProf: Thanks for the correction note.

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