Jars of Clay and Head o’ Rocks

The Synergy is hella intense right now.

Cal Tech grad student Virgil Griffith (idn’t he cute?) correlated SAT scores with music preferences (totally unscientifically, I am told…bummer the site (books, too) is MIA).  I’m a little disappointed at how few people he interviewed with scores above 1300.  I think their results would pull Lil’ Wayne out of the bottom spot. Note there aren’t really genre trends here.



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One response to “Jars of Clay and Head o’ Rocks

  1. ah, correlation. the dispersion story is telling (e.g., outkast is waaay wider than jay-z, beck, or u2). the race story is just sad, with “jazz” scoring 100 points below country and kelly clarkson. tor and esperanza would be amused to know the high scorers cop to counting crows — which ain’t exactly a-list stuff among the teens ’round here. i figgered cake, and the shins would do better among the nerdy high-test-score set. beethoven is probably a red herring here — the only semi-high-culture name on the list.

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