Curl up and dye.

We’ve been following Posterboy, here at WITW, in part thanks to S/FJ. But this is also our gig.  Not because we’re all CultureJammah nor because we’re all AuCourantIHeartNewYork, but because we’re all Affichiste.  We think all that “I do it for money, not love” is sincere, and all, but also dataYum…data.  And what it tells us about us is pretty us-y.  Posterboy’s lifelong search for an artist who makes things of value outside of institutions (or, does he mean “organizations?”) is, ya know, doomed.  For a lot of interesting reasons.  Which he may or may not be aware of.  We think it is as sad as you do that artists continue to ram their heads and addictions up into this wall of unyielding capital exchange.  We think it is interesting that they don’t tear down the wall.  Or point out that the wall works like other walls.


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2 responses to “Curl up and dye.

  1. mike

    We think you need a lot more royal we around here.

  2. Jenn Lena

    We didn’t even realize we were doing it. We might have a problem.

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