Hilarious Hilights of the Exam Season

Not necessarily mine, not necessarily not, here are the Best Emails of Midterm Season (feel free to vote for your favorite):


I just finished the take home portion of the exam and I am worried that my essays do not include enough terminology or other factors which we have discussed in the class opposed to the ones which are directly addressed in the questions. I did question 1 and question 3 and I feel I did a good job assessing the question at hand but was wondering if you could let me know how much unrelated sociological terminology and ideas your expect in the essay, other then what is directly addressed in the question?


Thank you for all the help the last two days studying. I have one more question for you- and then I promise I will let you get better in peace. I have another midterm in the class period before our exam tomorrow, as well
as a paper due in my early morning class. And have had midterm assignments due all week long. I was wondering if there was any way I could hand in my take home portion in the morning and take the in class portion on Friday morning. I’m sorry to be an inconvenience, I just have been studying for the past four days and feel like I have run out of time.

The only thing which makes this request more complicated is that I’m leaving on Friday to go a wedding at 9am, and would have to take the midterm very early, but know that Stevenson library is open all night and I could take it proctored here and leave it, or return it to your office.

I completely understand if this request is not possible, I just know with ample time I can do very well on this test and am worried that because of the horrible work load I have had I simply will be unable to put enough time into studying.


I have gotten myself into quite the situation in regards to the take home aspect of the exam. I want to make clear that I fully understand it is my fault. What has happened is I have just finished working on my second essay after an extremely long night and now started proofing my first one (about differentiating causality and correlation). I have come upon something terrible! I did not answer the question to your expectations in that I used an improper example from the Contexts Reader. My only thoughts looking back on what must of happened is that when I read “on Social Control…,” I somehow did not think of crime and thus did not realize the example had to be one of the two essays we read under the Crime and Deviance chapter. Instead I thought I had a choice of the different essays we’ve read throughout the semester so I chose to write using the example of, “Is evangelical Protestantism guiding fathers towards abusive and overbearing family relationships.” I wish I had a better excuse but in all honestly, I don’t. Being an engineer, this is the first time I’ve had essays like this on a test and I guess I am not very good at paying attention to the details of the print, but still not valid.

It is now 5am and these essays have taken me hours to finish. It is truly to late for me to write another using a different example as I have still have a problem set to complete by 8am and more midterm studying left. I guess I am simply writing you this way to long of an email because now I feel the best thing is to be as open as possible and let you know immediately. This is very nerve racking and I want to apologize for my inconvenience! Good morning to you when you receive this, I better get back to work.


I was working on my take home portion of the midterm tonight in the library and I just got back to my room and cannot find it.  I realize you wont get this email tonight but I hope you get it before the exam tomorrow.  Please let me know what I need to do about this.  I hope this isn’t too great of an inconvenience.



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7 responses to “Hilarious Hilights of the Exam Season

  1. Ok, #1 is the clear winner, and an amazing piece of undergrad-ery.The adjective “unrelated” really sells it.
    #2 is just a touch too apologetic and easy to say no to. #3 is sort of sad, but again, doesn’t really required much of the instructor. And #4 is hilarious if you’ve had too little sleep and read the first sentence as suggesting that the student cannot find his or her own room. Otherwise, it’s just.. sad.

  2. I vote for #4. It’s amazing in its brevity and her/his admission to complete irresponsibility. Did the take-home have to be hand-written? Don’t you save files on your computer? Maybe Dan’s right – maybe s/he can’t find her/his room…

    I actually feel for #3. I have done the same thing on timed tests (not a take-home) before. Granted, s/he should look more carefully at the question, but I think that it is very easy to get so wrapped up in answering a question that you forget to make sure that you are actually answering the question that is asked.

  3. shrinkingisaac

    i vote for DH’s re-interpretation of #4. Who knew that a night at the bar and a night at the library taking an exam could have the same end result?

  4. Yeah, #4 takes it. But really #3 is a close runner up for me, what with the use of a pet peeve phrase: “must of.” I feel, for some reason, that the proliferation of that phrase is a harbinger of the apocalypse.

  5. Jenn Lena

    I’ma swing at “hey, you’ve been really sick, but one more thing before you take care of yourself…I’d like to take the exam late, but at 6 am in the library, OK?” as if Professors are Beck and Call Girls.

  6. Peter

    Oh, I think it’s #3 in a runaway. The ‘must of’/’way to long’/’truly to late’/’nerve racking’ combination, combined with the ‘I’m an engineer and therefore not good with dealing with details’ really takes it.

    I am glad to see that s/he apologizes for his/her inconvenience. Of course, his/her inconvenience is about to become yours, but you know, whatevs. Good morning!

  7. I vote #3. By the time they wrote this email, it seems that they could have corrected their mistake. Just an idea.

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