iTunes meme

speakerNumber of Songs: 6,995 (I am grievously behind on the task of importing CD music)
Number of Albums: 935, give or take (and not all complete)
Most Recently Played Song: “Detour Ahead” Bill Evans Trio (I was writing, today)
Most Played Song: “Marry Me” St. Vincent
Most Recently Added Album: 69 Love Songs (Box Set): The Magnetic Fields
First Song Alphabetically: “A-Plus”: Hieroglyphics
Last Song Alphabetically: “!!!”: The Step

Shortest Song: “Pause”: Louis Armstrong (0:04)

Longest Song:  “Breaker’s Revenge” J. Rocc (59:53) (perhaps a little unfair)
First Album Alphabetically: “About to Choke” Vic Chesnutt
Last Album Alphabetically: “1930: Volume 2”: Duke Ellington and His Orchestra
First Band Alphabetically: A.P.O.
Last Band Alphabetically: 1000 Homo DJs (feat. Trent Reznor)
First Ten Songs That Pop Up On Shuffle:

“Lisa” Willie Bobo

“Mercy Street” Peter Gabriel

“That’s My DJ” Girl Talk

“Sweet Lorraine” Chet Baker

“Girls Room” Liz Phair

“Protect Ya Neck” Wu Tang Clan

“Bag A’ Bones” Count Basie & His Orchestra

“Dubtometry” DJ Spooky that Subliminal Kid feat. Lee “Sctratch” Perry

“These Things” Looper

“Go Ahead” Alicia Keys

And go tag yourself, if you want.



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2 responses to “iTunes meme

  1. I can’t believe you have an iTunes post while there is racism going on over at scatterplot.

  2. Jenn Lena


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