Since I have decided to declare today, Feburary 9, 2009, Stupid Question Day, it seems only fair to (1) give you some insight into those who are responsible for said title, and (2) open the floor for more stupid questions.

Here is stupid question No. 1, asked of the Professor at Week 3 of an academic semester (of which there are 14 or so…weeks): “i’m sorry i just got into this class, i’m kind of lost as to what’s going on, do you mind filling me in?”

Question No. 2 (and you should ignore the absence of punctuation indicating it is a question…I assure you, it was): “I just realized that upon passing of all my classes, I will have earned a total of 52 hours, 24 last year and 28 this year. Do I need 54 earned hours to become a junior? If so, I need to take another class of at least 2 hours worth of credit. Could I take the introduction to Islam class offered on Saturdays to satisfy my hours requirement.”  I am assuming the “class” to which this student is referring to is the one linked off this page.  While worthy of consideration in life’s journey toward enlightenment, I’m thinking this is not the answer.  Especially not for a student who is realizing at midterms that he won’t be promoted to the next class.  Although…some spiritual advice might help…



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3 responses to “WWJWD

  1. Jenn Lena

    when was the last time they gave you a shout out, dearie?

  2. tammy

    I’m going to out myself as the receiver of the first stupid question. I’m doing this because i want to update you on the much larger hole this kid is digging with me.

    Below is his second email, a response to my saying that missing 2 weeks of classes is not a stellar way to begin and that I will not respond to future emails of similar tone:

    “I didn’t mean that i haven’t be coming to class, I had just registered for the class this on last friday feb 6th, i have not been cutting. I had to drop a class because it didn’t fit my working schedule so in order to fulfill my 15 credit minimum i signed up for this class…”

    In a temporary lapse of reason, I responded to him saying that if he has been showing up it’s unclear why he needs the course structure explained. That was my bad. And I was rewarded with this:

    “I think there is some confusion, i have never been in this class before. I have never met the professor or spoken to the TA’s. Tommorow will be the first time that i’ve ever sat in the class. Like i said, i had just signed up for the class on Friday.”

    Yes, he-who-remains-nameless (this isn’t me maintaining confidentiality — he has never used any salutation or signature with me) and I are starting off on a good foot. Surely, there will be more updates to follow.

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