On-line dating, the “local” edition

A friend brings this “profile” of single Nashvillians to my attention, and remarks as follows:

So if you are a man, you have to be blond or a football player? Except for the singer songwriter guy who was mad that the “girl” he took to a baseball game kept asking him questions about it because she didn’t know baseball. I’m shocked that he’s eligible! Look at all those guys. Is it me, or do they all look almost exactly the same?

I guess no women of color are single. Or eligible. Or something.


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One response to “On-line dating, the “local” edition

  1. Singer-songwriter guy is “pretty laid back”, unless, you know, you go with him on a date to a baseball game and ask a few questions. Then he gets kinda antsy.

    I also like his favorite motto. I think Jeremy Hardy says somewhere, “Yeah, live every day like it’s your last — lying in bed, heavily medicated, passing in and out of consciousness.”

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