Alexsa’s the daughter, right?

Billy Joel, they can’t stand you because of your music; because of your stupid, smug attitude; because of the way you ripped off your betters to produce music that rarely reaches the level even of mediocrity. You could dress completely au courant and people would still loathe your lame lyrics.

It’s not that they dislike anything exterior about you. They dislike you because of who you really are inside. They dislike you for being you. At a certain point, consistent, aggressive badness justifies profound hostility. They hate you just the way you are.

My second concert was a Billy Joel show, at the Providence Civic Center (now the Dunkin’ Donut Center).  Take the argument on its merits, one of which is the opener, which poses the question, “Are there absolute standards for judging art?”  It does not, however, answer that question or even really try to.  Too bad.



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4 responses to “Alexsa’s the daughter, right?

  1. Jenn Lena

    Wow. That is a crazy awesome thread that I’m glad to avoid (commenting upon further).

    And I think standards should be judged by an absolute standard.

  2. Jonathan Neufeld

    Me, too. I really enjoyed the logic lesson in the second thread.

  3. There are plenty of legit critiques to make of Joel (and I say that as a moderate Joel fan), but Rosenbaum just read like a bitter, misguided aging hipster. Jody Rosen’s is much better. By an absolute standard.

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