I kid you not, I get one a day.


From the syllabus:

“Quizzes:  You will complete on-line quizzes on each chapter we read.  There are 18 of these over the course of the semester.  They will posted on Blackboard in the session for which they are due.  You complete them on Blackboard, and then they are digitally submitted for us to grade.  Quizzes are due at the start of the class period on which they are assigned.  Quizzes will not be accepted after the start of class.  There are no extensions unless a specific agreement has been made.  There are ample computers available for student use on campus.  Failure to complete the quiz due to technological snafus/inexpertise/failure will not be acceptable excuses for failure to complete a quiz. We recommend that you print copies of your completed quizzes and keep them in your records, as showing these to the instructor will be the only way to resolve any grade conflicts.  2% each; 36% of final grade.”

From my email:

“I understand your late policy, but I am wondering if there is any way that I could possibly make up some of the credit or points for the quiz?”


From the syllabus:

“Blog comments are due by the start of class (i.e., either 9:35am [Section 02] or 2:35pm [Section 03]) to which you are assigned.  No late comments will be accepted.”

From my email:

“I posted a comment on the […] blog at 9:36 on today, the 22nd.  I suppose technically this was not posted before class, but I was wondering if you would still accept the comment.”



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2 responses to “I kid you not, I get one a day.

  1. Jonathan Neufeld

    You should totally revise your rules to make sure you are not being overly technical. Something like, “Due by 9:35AM, but if you hand it in 1 minute past the time I would accept it, then I will also accept it.” That would be fairer.

  2. Jonathan Neufeld

    Damn. I can’t even make a nerdy joke right. “…heaps fairer” it was supposed to say. Much funnier, I know.

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