Freedom Highway

It turns out that I’m as emotional about the Inauguration as I was about the election.  Since I find celebratory weeping exhausting, I’m limiting my exposure to the D.C. celebrations.  However, this cannot pass without notice.  Here’s Pete Seeger at EIGHTY NINE YEARS OLD, his grandson (with the good folk voice), Bruce Springstein and children in robes singing “This Land is Your Land.”  Note especially the two “subversive” verses, usually expunged from the song, that are included, near the middle.

UPDATED: Fair enough, HBO.  You own the copyright.  I get it.  Sadly, these are national inaugural events, so your copyright claim makes me sad, and angry.  Whatever.  Love will find a way.


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  1. Oh! Denied. The video is no longer available due to a copywright claim by HBO. I do love a good inaugural cry, though.

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