Pubic sociology

This week’s In the News is a New York edition.

First, there’s a pretty savage review of Dalton Conley’s new offering (Elsewhere, U.S.A.) in the Times.

Second, Duncan Watts lets NY Magazine into his apartment, which is white, wooden, and empty except for art, plants and a hula hoop.  Oh, and a big hunk of a man.



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8 responses to “Pubic sociology

  1. Jenn Lena

    My heart goes out to him, truly. I thought it read like a graduate student critique of a senior professor. No offense, grad students.

  2. Have you read it? IF so, what did you think? Was the (rather nasty) critique warranted? Is it a trend that when journalists report on soc books, they tend to get nasty. I remember a similar savage critique of Anthony Elliott’s Making The Cut… the reporter couldn’t make sense of some of the stuff (mostly, the theoretical sections) and therefore blasted the book as unreadable except for the juicier sections.

  3. Jenn Lena

    No, I haven’t read Dalton’s book. I’d be curious to hear from someone who has…, and I tend to agree with you that (indicated by/in the rise of Malcolm Gladwell-as-sociology-award-winner) there’s some friction stroke competition between sociologists and journalists.

  4. mwparker2

    cant we agree, however, that “weisure” is a terrible word?

  5. Jenn Lena

    Yes, we can agree about that. I am, on principle, opposed to sociologists’ neologisms.

  6. Yes, we can agree about that. I am, on principle, opposed to sociologists’ neologisms.


    Thank you! I’ll be here all week.

  7. Tammy

    I’m with Jenn on the Dalton reviewer. If you read the whole review it seems the reviewer is most upset because Dalton didn’t write about autism???? It’s like going to ASA and having the commenter on your session paper critique the paper they *wish* you wrote. Only the audience isn’t a bunch of your friends who woke up to support you at 8:30 am on the last day of the conference, but the entire NYT reading public. Nice.

    BTW, in spite of myself, I love “sociologisms!”

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