Linguistic assimplification

Just as a demonstration of the level of discourse characteristic of one side of Nashville’s “English only” debate…here’s a comment on a list serv to which I subscribe:

It’s not really the cost that gets me.  It’s having better
communication that can help get things done.  Rather it take longer to
check at the register because their is a language barrel.  If you need
to ask for some help it makes the little things much harder because of
the language barrel.  Also if other people, I’m not saying Mexicans
because their is other languages and descents, but even just simple
things like reading a street sign or signing a contract.  Anyone
coming to live here should know and be able to speak English.  I’m not
saying they need to forgot their own lands language, but just know
your new land’s language.  Like if I was to move to Spain, France,
China, etc… and I was going to live there, I would learn their
language.  If you are just going for vacation it’s one thing, but if
you are going to live their you should adjust.  It’s like traffic laws
are a little different in each city and if you move to another city
you learn their laws.  Like if you were moving to New York City, where
hear you can drive everywhere, their you would learn all about Taxi’s
and learn more about the taxi companies.  If a New Yorker came here
they would most likely start to learn how to drive.  You adjust to
where you are going to be, not be ignorant or hard headed and stay
with your ways and make others change.

It is difficult to communication because their is a language barrel, yes.


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