This is just about the most renegade gangster academic s–t I have seen this year.  Dude is honest, and he is making me laugh like a m-fer.  (And yes, there’s profanity in the clip, also.)  i heart you, Branford Marsalis.



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2 responses to “ROTFL

  1. Mark

    I think you just made my semester. and that I’m going to have to play this clip at the first meeting of my non-profits class next week. Wonder how I should frame it?

    a) “what I expect of you”?
    b) “what you should expect of me”?
    c) “you know he’s being generous when he says ‘B’, right?”?

  2. Jenn Lena

    i actually thought of sending you an alert when i posted this…you are uniquely positioned to appreciate it.

    and i don’t think it needs framing.

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