Why, every year, is the system broken? (or is it me?)

Good morning,

I have just submitted a paper to the ASA meetings, specifically, the Regular Session titled “Jobs, Occupations and Professions.”  When prompted for my second choice panel, I wished to select the Regular Session panel “Work and the Workplace, Sociology of”.  However, this option was not available on the drop-down menu.  Instead, I selected the “Organizations and Knowledge” panel organized by the Section on Organizations, Occupations, and Work.  I do not know of any regulation that should have prevented me from selecting my section choice Regular Session panel.  Is it possible to reassign the paper as follows:? *

First choice: Regular Session, “Jobs, Occupations and Professions.”
Second choice: Regular Session, “Work and the Workplace, Sociology of.”
Yes, forward to roundtable.

I have attached the confirmation email I was sent, in case it assists you in coming to my aid.  It includes the title of my paper, “Press Kits and the Myth of Professional Autonomy.”

Thank you for your help,

Jennifer C. Lena

* I am opposed to the use of emoticons, except in a radically parodic exercise.  In this case, the sentence text ended with two punctuation marks: a colon and a question mark.  When WordPress chewed on this, we get a remarkably funny emoticon, especially coming from someone who wouldn’t use one in an IM or text message, much less, professional correspondence.  So, I’m keeping it.


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