Racial parody. The uncomfortable kind.

Mark Parker sent this over earlier this week and I just decided it had to go up, owing to this weekend’s “racial politics” theme and the gross indecency and ridiculousness of the video.

Mark says: “I thought you might like this morning dose of weirdness, fortified with exotic race politics and with some of the genius/madness bit tossed in for good measure.”

I got it in the morning, so Mark was right about that.  About liking it…not so much.  At least, not in that way.  As I like to say, “Not ‘funny, ha ha’.  More like, ‘funny, grandpa.'”

P.S. Mark: I just sent people over to your site, so now you need to do more funny graphs, so that they won’t get pissed, and refuse to hire you/review your articles/laugh at your jokes.  Also, I will stop loving you.  See what a good parent I will be?


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2 responses to “Racial parody. The uncomfortable kind.

  1. mp

    Thanks for the shout-out. I’ll see if I can think of some good grad-work related graphs soon. Also, I should say, I think I saw this first on Boing Boing.

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