Today, in the Laughing Department

Biting Henry’s stylee over at CT, especially in honor of tomorrow’s First Class, here are some Alternative Source Citations:

Rest-Stop Restroom Graffiti

When citing rest-stop graffiti:

  1. List the name of the rest area (if it has a name) in italics.
  2. Name the state in which it was located.
  3. Name the highway it abuts (with direction headed).
  4. List the nearest mile marker.
  5. List the date the graffiti was observed.

Example: “Head you wouldn’t believe, call 555-3278.” [The Ida C. Collins Memorial Rest Area, Wisconsin; Interstate 94 South (Mile Marker 218): May 14, 1997.]


When citing tattoos or other body art/text:

  1. List the part of the body on which the tattoo was seen.
  2. Name the person sporting the tattoo (if known).
  3. Identify the location where tattoo was observed (if known).
  4. List the date the tattoo was observed (if known).

Example: “This End Up.” [Left Buttock, Unidentified Male Dancer; The Loading Zone Bar, Halsted Street; Chicago, Il: January, 31 1998?]

The other one is….

After correctly using the Word Word of the Day Day, “Rube Goldberg” (–I compared the ASA on-line submission system to a Rube Goldberg-like contraption*)

…my interlocutor looked up the term on Ye Old Wikipedia.  Whilst perusing the entry, she alterted me to the tweensiest detail: the handsomely profiled (yet reviled) Goldberg sought to protect his two sons from the voluminous hate mail produced by his cartoons and so encouraged them to change their surnames.  Son Thomas decided he’d like his to be “George,” as in, Thomas George.  The consequence is that his biological brother, seeking to remain linked through surname to his brother–at least–adopted the new name George George.

* Also…Do You Know?  You can “search” among all the papers that have been submitted…to case the competition?…but it isn’t clear that you can search among all the possible panels for the panel to which you wish to submit your paper…making all that competition-anticipation useless.


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