“I can name that tune in three notes…”

Kieran was correct to dub a previous contestant a Randroid.  Let’s continue the “name those bachelors” game…

Bachelor #1: “I am seeking for a woman who is confident about herself and can carry an interlectual conversation when required.”  OK, let’s overlook the fact that he ironically misspelled intellectual…I love how having an intellectual conversation is reduced to only “when required.” Like the person who you want to be with actually has to be frog marched into a deep or meaningful discussion.

Bachelor #2: “I am a single Dad of one, three if you count the cats.”  No, I don’t count the cats. And neither should you.

Bachelor #3: “Those who know me best would say that I love brown gravy, steak, mushrooms, and a mountain of plain ‘ol white rice. But nothing’s better than playing golf on a Saturday, loving on my brown lab dawg, and hangin’ with Cameron, my nine-month-old Boy. I’m done.”  yes, you are done. you’re boring (golf and plain-ol’-white-rice kind of boring) and what’s up with the 9 month old? or with the sarah palin speech inflections? The best thing about this is that he’s in Public Relations.)

A reminder to those of you playing at home: these are sent to me by an anonymous source looking for love in a large city.  Her comments are in bold-faced type.  And yes, I am employing the “lowest common denominator” approach to stimulate comments and feedback from my readers.  I’m lonely over here.



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2 responses to ““I can name that tune in three notes…”

  1. Those who know me best would say “Bob, why are you on the internet again? Cameron needs a change.”

  2. I am seeking for and wide, for and wide.

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