Picky, picky

I am working the mines, the deep trenches, on some GRRRRRReat stuff and along the way ran into the Dolores Zohrab Liebmann Fund.  This is a fellowship for those seeking a graduate degree in a “designated institution” (these are Ivys, Potted Ivys and a scatterling of other “top institutions” in the U.S.).  It is restricted to those who demonstrate they need financial assistance, are citizens, and…this is the money shot…disavow communism in front of a Notary Public.  Here’s the specifics:

In her will, Dolores Zohrab Liebmann stated that: “It is my desire that no benefit from such Fellowships or scholarships be enjoyed by any person who, or institution which, supports, advocates or upholds the principles and doctrines of Communism.” Accordingly:
(a) If the Candidate or the institution supports, advocates or upholds the principles and doctrines of Communism, the Trustee reserves the right to reject the application.
(b) The Trustee also reserves the right to require the Candidate to submit an affidavit, affirmed or sworn to before a Notary Public, confirming that he or she does not support, advocate or uphold the principles and doctrines of Communism.

It seems the poor Ms. Liebmann had some rather unfortunate experiences with Communists in her native Armenia, and decided to take revenge on all American citizens who might seek tuition assistance, whilst believing in the redistribution of wealth.



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2 responses to “Picky, picky

  1. Jonathan Neufeld

    I wonder what counts as a principle of communism. Do I have to disavow only the conjunction of all of them? Presumably there are overlaps with the principles of other acceptable social systems. Let’s say I didn’t disavow the principle, “A fair distribution of wealth may require redistribution” and that’s a principle of communism AND welfare capitalism. Would I need to disavow it? Or is it only a principle of communism when combined with other principles. Maybe it is just the principles unique to communism that I need to disavow. I guess that, before I sign, I’d like a list.

  2. Jenn Lena

    A list from a dead lady? Is this another one of those “philosophical jokes”, like the one about the house?

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