It does go well with the chicken!

I think we’re ready for a little “salad bowl” of linx…

First, for Tammy, here’s a Gallery of Regrettable Food.  Don’t miss the Depression Jello or Meat! Meat! Meat!

Next, head over to Norwegianland and practice your aim.  Watch out, George!  I recommend you put your Styrke somewhere around 50, and your Vinkel around 15.

Go over here to meet the “classy, attractive and affluent”.  Tell me if you find anyone that matches that description.  I know PL is interested to hear your stories of the experience, on the heels of his other obsession.

I’m not sure what it means to think about ideas in year increments.  I do know it is silly to think about ideas in culturally reductionistic terms:

Also, WTF Katie’s sweater?  Are you lost and looking for your real mommy, in Iowa?

Beeker was always a favorite muppet, so I’m glad he’s Meeping me into the New Year.

I am tempted to add some newsy, depressing bits about the Congo or Zimbabwe, but I’ll save you the preachy, for now.

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