Shame on me.

I totally forgot to start brainstorming music suggestions for the Inaugural Ball.  Damn.  Think fast think fast:

  • Earth, Wind, and Fire yes. yes. yes.
  • Yes, also some George Benson.  This George Benson.
  • I am NOT going to vote for Stevie Wonder, unless someone does a duet with video footage of him c. 1974.
  • One has to hope George Clinton can throwback with Chocolate City and scare the beejessus out of everyone up on the TN Plateau.
  • Bam should get up get over with Planet Rock.
  • Al Green–the new album’s not bad, btw.  He could cover, as he has in the past, Mayfield’s “People Get Ready.”
  • Aretha.
  • Kanye West + Common + Lupe Fiasco
  • B.B. King?
  • I don’t think we’re going to get out of this thing without the Harlem Boys Choir, honestly.
  • Chaka Effing Khan and Rufus.  Hellz yeah.

Unfortunately, lots of top choices are not with us: James Brown, Curtis Mayfield, Miles Davis…

And natch, I am not the first to this table. The most amusing suggestion in Les Comments is Frankie Knuckles.  Lolz.

You got ideas?  Comments, baby.  Keep in mind dude is El Presidente.  That includes the over 40 set.



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2 responses to “Shame on me.

  1. Jenny Trinitapoli

    Could Elvis Costello do “Peace, Love, and Understanding?” Or do they have to go with US-born musicians?

  2. Jenn Lena

    Jenny, I frankly have no idea what the rulebook says. So, let’s write our own. Your song is IN.

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