Old School Players?

The official sample list for Girl Talk’s excellent album Feed the Animals is up, online.  A reminder: Girl Talk is the dude that cobbles together samples of music from the last 40 years or so to produce album length sound scapes that simultaneously have the effect of transporting you back to your Junior Prom (and the night before, and after it), and of invoking your adult self’s perspective on that teenager.  In other words, this is samples as memory.  H/t PL for the candy.

My Secret Playlist has taken the iTunes “star recommendations” in a new and better direction, IMHO.  Basically INTERESTING artists are asked to list the influences for their recent work.  When possible, the songs are included, embedded into the page in players.  I especially liked Paul Smith from Dengue Fever (whose band is on my “often played” list this fall), and Joey Burns, from Calexico.  I’ve bought songs from both lists, this morning.

On a more personal note, we said goodbye to Pierre Robert Colas yesterday, in a most dignified and touching ceremony organized by the Anthropology Department at Vanderbilt.  Pierre (Robby to many) was a first-class scholar of Mayan epigraphy, a second year faculty member at Vanderbilt, and a friend.  Pierre and his sister, Marie, were attacked in the living room of his house in August.  It was an awful, gruesome crime.  It was witnessed by a friend of ours who now lives with that memory.  And it appears that the intention was a robbery–a few hours after the murders, a group of neighborhood residents were videotaped using Pierre’s bank card to purchase clothing and video games in a Nashville store.  This event has been extremely hard for all of us to bear–it is meaningless, and horrible.  It is impossible to imagine the terrible sadness of Pierre and Marie’s father, brother, and partners.  I am glad that we were able to say a final community goodbye in such a loving way.

I have less to say about our loss of Jay Paul, in part because he committed suicide, and suicides are hard to mourn, and also because Jay was always so remote.  It appeared to all of us in school, and clearly appears in news interviews with people who knew him more recently, that Jay was disconnected from everyone.  That said, the loss of a young man is a profound loss, indeed.  It is so sad that he wasn’t able to get the psychological help he needed while he was alive.  I am grateful that he did not harm anyone with his dangerous, selfish act.

But on the other side of things: Gina’s twin boys are healthy and happy.  Molly had her son this fall.  Allison has added beautiful baby Julia to our family.  Meaghan and Justine are both having healthy, normal pregnancies.  There is a lot to celebrate.


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