A Milestone

Today, dear Drek, marks the first time that a student submitted a sociological research paper relying nearly exclusively on Conservapedia (the other source was our text).  In particular, the student used this page to support her argument that “sexual abuse in childhood causes homosexuality.”*  The assignment, FWIW, was to use the body of research on this topic to address the differences between correlation and causation.  Need I tell you how the student fared?  And do you also need me to tell you the concluding sentence of this paper?  It included the word “treatment.”

*The student did not include this gem: “No longitudinal studies examined the causal relationship between abuse and gender role or sexual orientation, however. Gender role nonconformity and gay or bisexual identity may precede abuse.” [27]

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  1. Umm, wow. That’s….wow.

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