Weekend Warriors

10 best, 5 top, 25 most famous…lists like these are intrinsically flawed.  Of course, an argument can always be made for the inclusion of the 11th, and 6th, and 26th, to say nothing of the arguments over criteria for inclusion, ordering, bias, and so forth.  That said, here’s an interesting list of 100 Skills Every Man Person Should Know.  Natch, some of them are downright idiotic, like “Fold a Flag”, and some are conspicuously absent, like “Fight Fair.”  But anyway, a good starting point for weekend projects.  Or am I the only one who’s hobby is learning new skills?

I know some of you want to be rappers when you grow up, so here’s a bunch of Production Kits available on the web, grouped up with the Super Producers that use them.  I should probably slow that down: Successful musical artists, across musical styles, rely on studio producers to construct the rich tapestry of sound over which they sing, rap and scat.  These studio producers rely on pre-recorded music–not usually live musicians–to construct those tapestries, and come to be known for particular constellations of sounds, found in the songs they construct for many artists.  These can be called “production kits” and so I am linking to a bunch of sound files that include short bursts of sound, which can be woven together into new songs, that mimic the existing works by said Super Producers.

And speaking of skills (?)…Pete Peterson sent me this video, establishing the link between Charles Keating and Senator McCain.  Chilling.


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