Nerd alert!

All screen Mac being developed.  Mock Ups imagined here.

Where was your favorite album recorded?  Map imagined here.

Crazy quiz on hue.  A hue test!



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5 responses to “Nerd alert!

  1. All those mock ups are the OLPC 2 concept designs from a few months back though.

  2. shrinkingisaac

    they need to invert that scoring on the hue test. All that time and i get a zero to mean perfect? i mean…

  3. Jenn Lena

    Naadir: I don’t know what you mean by “though.” These are not good concept designs? There are more recent ones?

    Shrinkingisaac: Are you for real? Did you really get a perfect score? Damn, man, that’s impressive!

  4. That is a cool computer design! I got an 8 on the hue test.

  5. Jenn Lena

    I got a 16 on the hue test. Wow. I guess I’m only, like, top 15% for my age/gender. Wait! How are age and gender correlated with hueocity?

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