Little Women, Big Dollars

Thanks to sociology (ish) blog newbie Abject Lessen, Object Lesson, I have been made aware of the fantastically crass series “Target Women” over at Current TV.  The best description I can provide of these videos is that they’re like funnier, more media-rich versions of a class lecture, on one of the days we handle gender in Intro Soc.  The target?  Media and advertising industries and their depiction of women, women’s products, womens’ politics, womens’ tastes.

I agree with the ALOL folks: Cleaning Products is the Jam.  Also worthy: Suffrage and Botox.

The whole series can be found at thisa place.



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2 responses to “Little Women, Big Dollars

  1. Sarah Haskins is downright amazing. Her piece on Palin was excellent. I really wish the Daily Show would hire her, as she deserves a place higher up on the comedy food chain than Current.

  2. Peter

    I liked the yogurt one, which had me laughing and laughing.

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