The Long View

I find this cheerful little piece on university teaching truly terrifying.  Perhaps it is because I got my “five year pin” (yes, you read that correctly), today.  Perhaps it is also because I had three gossipers, two Facebookers, several “absence due to illness/surgery/dead grandmother” emails, and an irate student who couldn’t articulate the nature of their frustration and so blamed me.

Thanks, Mark.



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5 responses to “The Long View

  1. Do you get 10% off your orders at Waffle House if you show your pin?

  2. Jenn Lena

    Interesting query, Dave. I have no answer for you, since I am not able to eat almost anything the Waffle House serves. The old “angry gall bladder”, and such.

    I did ask my chair, upon the occasion of its presentment, if it had any value in the “melt down your gold” sense. (The answer to that is “maybe.” I guess gold is a pretty good investment, these days. I heard some TV talking head yesterday explain that “people are hiding in gold” which gave me a little shudder.)

  3. I hear “hiding in gold” and think of someone in a King Tut-style sarcophagus made of gold. Is that just me?

  4. Jenn Lena

    Nice image Carly! I imaging something similar, but more like a pile of dookie chains.

  5. Peter

    Hey, don’t f*ck with my dookie chains.

    Plus, they’re looking like a safe investment now..

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