That’s the sound of my chin on the ground.  (ht grandgood.)



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2 responses to “thud

  1. Yeesh. Gotta love the obligatory dumbass YouTube comment: “I miss free speech.”

  2. Sometimes when I pick my daughter up from my mom’s, she’ll be watching the oldie cartoons that I grew up with, and I am surprised at all the rampant racism and sexism in them. Of course, I never noticed it as a child, but it’s hard to accept that my mom doesn’t notice them now. I mean, she’s older than I am. It could be the social science training, but the isms just seem so obvious.

    But then, I grew up doing such lovely things as “n1gg3r knocking,” and when I was little, it sure wasn’t tigers we were catching by the toe in our eenie-meenie-minie-moe games.

    Back then, I wouldn’t even utter a curse word under my breath in privacy. The first time I accidentally let one fly, I ran to my dad to tell on myself and ask for forgiveness. But interestingly, nobody ever stopped to say, “hey, maybe you shouldn’t be saying n1gg3r like that.” I didn’t even know what the word meant, except that it was right up there with “f@gg0t” in the insult category (i.e., as bad as you could get without the adults yelling at you). Didn’t know what that meant either, though. I was a bit socially slow. I blame the cartoons.

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