That voodoo that you do so well…

I’ve been sleeping on the latest Banskys, all in teh deep south.  Thank goodness Grand Good is holdin’ it down for me.

Here’s the New Orleans set, a few weeks old.  Here’s an even more complete, Flickr set.

There’s a story with this one:

I’ma just quote Hermenautic Circle blog, and then link’em:

These allude to something you may have noticed if you’ve spent time in New Orleans: Lots of squarish blocks of gray rolled-on paint, all over the place, blotting out what used to be graffiti or street art. The guy behind this is Fred Radtke, a/k/a The Gray Ghost: Basically an anti-graf zealot who rides around town and paints over every tag or other street art manifestation he sees, Radtke is a much-reviled figure among N.O. graffiti types.

This image below is not one of the ones linked above; it was taken some time later:

The earlier version had the guy painting over a flower; now the whole flower has been rollered out. By Radtke? Hard to say. Seems difficult to believe he would take the care evident here — but maybe he was flattered or amused by this.

Personally, I’ve always found Radkte to be perversely impressive. E and I were last in New Orleans in December (actually she’s been back since then), and the Gray Ghost’s blobby “work” was everywhere. I like his quote in this old article: “I know them all and they know me, absolutely,” he says of N.O. graffiti writers, and he knows they hate him. “But they understand,” he adds, “that I take out everything.” And it’s true: The guy is basically the king of kings in N.O. — the ultimate bomber.

And the newly discovered ones in Atlanta, curt. Wooster Collective.  If you’re swinging through Nashville, Bansky, let me know.  I’m pretty good with a stencil, am opinionated, and able to keep a secret.  I also have a guest room.


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