Hard out there for a chimp

Unsuccessful job application video for work as Communications Director at a local art gallery.  The guy didn’t even get called for an interview.  But I think he had fun applying?



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3 responses to “Hard out there for a chimp

  1. Jingjing

    I think the cow cut into halfs as art is a brilliant idea. to say something funny about modern art. A friend of mine in a design school told me about an idea for “creatvie art project”, which is to place twelve small rubber ducks in the water with a bigger rubber duck ahead of ’em, and name the bigger duck “Jesus”…very cute!

  2. Jingjing

    And, for heaven’s sake, is this REAL? Just for fun I suppose?

  3. Jenn Lena

    Oh, it is most certainly real. But also for fun, I think. I also liked the portion of the video that addresses “knowledge of contemporary art conventions.” Instead of the derisive lay person’s commentary, he actually hit the expert’s critique, using just images.
    I can’t help but mention that your friend’s duck idea reminds me of a “game” my uncle used to play whilst in SE Asia in the service, except that the ducks were dead by the end of the game. Times were different, then, I suppose.

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