Stupid title, stupid argument

Russell Morse wants to argue that Obama would be the first Hip Hop president.  Why?  Erm…because Biz Markie played the afta partay.  Er, sorry.  Let me turn down “He’s Just a Friend.”  This is the gracenote of Morse’s article–he actually embeds the extended play video with Biz et al playing the dozens on a bench before the rap starts.  The problems with the article all revolve around the reliability of their claims.  “More diverse crowds in Denver” he says.  Prove it! I say.  Even if you do prove it, tell me how exactly you can conflate “more diverse” and “younger” with “hip hop” without robbing all those attributes of meaning.  As far as I can tell, the same “information” as that used in this article could be twisted…used to support the love of young, black men for bureaucracy and ritual.

Oh, and one little hypocracy worth pointing out: Morse follows this statement: “If you’re like me, you are surprised to find out that the Democratic Party even has a Hip Hop caucus.” immediately with this one: “The event was, kind of predictably, boring, over-intellectualized and self-important: kind of what you would imagine a Hip Hop class at UC Berkeley to be.”  Funny how a journalist is ignorant in one sentence and smarter than a Berkeley professor in the next one.

Maybe I’m upset at the press since I just spent two hours watching the News At 10, News at 9, News at 8:30 people skulk around a memorial service, putting upset graduate students on camera and trying to score an interview with the Provost or the grieving family members.  I understand that the media can work to destroy the racist bullsh*t attitudes violent crime engenders.  However, I come from a long tradition of people deeply committed to private grief.  I also think it just feeds the beast.  In this case, the beastly people posting comments on the Tennessean website.  One person actually made the leap from “no signs of forced entry” to “murder-suicide.”  The awful inhumanity of those news trolls is thankfully offset by the gracious kindness of Pierre’s friends and family, and neighbors.  There was an awfully wonderful show of support tonight, although it was hard to be there.  I hope none of you ever go through something like this.


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