Things I dislike about my job, #2: Inattentiveness, or, when Your Problem becomes My Problem.

A friend of mine just went four rounds of email with an undergraduate student who claimed the online (Blackboard administered) quiz wasn’t working. They finally ended the detente with the following email from teh student: “I thought the reading was only those couple of pages online.. I got it now… sorry to keep emailing you all the time, i promise i’m actually a good student haha.”

That’s right. Even though the syllabus was handed out in class, and is on-line, and the professor walked the students through the specific assignment, this student claimed the quiz was broken because she couldn’t find the answers in the (marked “Additional”) reading, posted as a PDF on the blackboard site.

From my friend’s telling, it seems like both the student and the faculty member kept their cool in the interaction. But MAN…it makes me wonder how many hours get wasted every year to inattentiveness.

Also, could we possibly include in the week long orientation a quick primer on email etiquette? I don’t think it is asking too much to require students to write full sentences, especially when sending an apology.


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