Two things that will change your life, forever.

That’s right.  Single serve.  My ghetto Kroger has them in Cherry Garcia and other delicious flavors (that is, NOT vanilla).  The itty spoon makes it impossible for me to eat in normal-sized spoonfulls, so the whole experience is satisfying, although I’m only having a scoop of ice cream (and not, um, a pint).


The truth is, I want to recommend these Triscuits that are triangle shaped and have a parmesan, herb flavor, but there’s no evidence on teh web that they exist.



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11 responses to “Two things that will change your life, forever.

  1. Cucumber dill alouette?!? There is no evidence in my GROCERY STORE that such a thing exists. (;_;)

  2. Haha, damn Western smiley recognition ruined my frown face.

  3. Jenn Lena

    That’s LIGHT cucumber dill alouette, to you.

    Ok, I just went to Alouette Central to find out if they have a “find this product in a store near you” function (which they don’t) and I almost peed myself laughing at the graphic banner near the top which notes the many occasions on which Alouette Spreadable Cheese might be a fine choice for your family…(and I quote:) “new additions*new neighbors* movie nights* graduations* long weekends* the book club * well-deserved promotion* deserved promotions* new job* holidays* reunions* old albums* vacations* new additions” (and it repeats).

    Two questions:

    1. What is the difference between a “well-deserved promotion” and “deserved promotions” other than the shift from one, to many?

    2. What is the occasion “old albums”? This this code for something?

  4. Jenn Lena

    Oh, and sadly…a colon just turned into a smiley face. I do not smiley, as a rule.

  5. But aren’t these single-serving containers ecologically wasteful? Wouldn’t it be better to buy gallon-sized?

  6. Jenn Lena

    It is a good point, Andrew, although I wonder about the math. If I eat less ice cream it promotes me eating less of everything, and doesn’t less of everything equal less of everything, trash included?

    And actually, wouldn’t it be better to churn your own ice cream…?

  7. re: “old albums”

    Maybe you are rummaging through your attic and find all your old albums, and you get super excited, and decide to have a retro party and play them all. And this would, of course, call for cheese.

    After all, doesn’t everything?

  8. Jenn Lena

    re: “After all, doesn’t everything?”

    Since I am sitting here snacking on that lovely Alouette cheese and the Triscuit Thin Crisps Parmesan Garlic that Nabisco claims don’t exist, I’ll have to say “yes,” finding albums in your attic is (also) an occasion for cheese.

    Do you think ‘photo albums’ are also implied? Or just record albums? Because my family usually drinks vodka when the pictures come out. Cheese won’t cut the mustard, as it were.

  9. Hmmmm…didn’t consider photo albums. Reminisce over cheese. Yeah, I’d prefer vodka for that. But cheese on the side couldn’t hurt.

    Vodka would be good with records too, come to think of it.

  10. Wait, you mean the pint carton isn’t supposed to be one serving?

  11. Jenn Lena

    Jeremy: Isn’t that incredible? I just learned that myself. Which goes some way to explaining why I’m so happy about this prosthetic impulse control device.

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