Music Scholars Research Obvious

…”Then along came the Institute of Neurosciences in California, with a mighty investigation into why it was that music from different countries sounded, er, different.”

Also, did you see that Bernie Mac died? Jimminy Crickets.  Although I did chuckle when I saw that the Times described him as “Mr. Mac.”  I think he would have liked that.

Also, WTF????  I don’t want to sound all Pollyanna, but it blows my mind that I open my little IHT window yesterday and read about some shots fired, and less than 24 hours later I open the same window and read “1,500 Reported Killed.”  It makes me tremble.


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  1. “Mr. Mac” sounds funny, but it’s still not up there with “Mr. Diddley.” (I blogged that obit a couple of weeks ago, if anyone’s interested:

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