Things i’m hearing for the first time

Alex Chilton, possibly the last white man to play r&b (don’t you dare send me email with Justin Timberlake’s name in the subject line), is today’s pick for “news to ME”. And disregard that line, and listen to this bit of a cover of Don’t Worry Baby. Isn’t that beautiful? I’m actually impressed with the sound fidelity and range of my computer, for the first time. What about a crazy little cover of I Walk The Line? Do you feel all Richard Hell meets Queen meets Alabama? Hey! Me, too! I guess there’s a re-issue of Big Star songs


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2 responses to “Things i’m hearing for the first time

  1. i’m a longtime chilton/big star fan, but this line from my favorite dj brought a sly laugh:

    “if they ever erect a Hall of Fame of the Overrated, there will be a whole wing devoted to alex chilton.” — mary lucia

    i chalk her negativity up to overexposure. as mr. westerberg’s younger sister, ms. lucia probably heard september gurls or thirteen once too often.

  2. Jenn Lena

    Thanks Chris–yesterday I needed to laugh, and this worked. I’m not sure that Big Star, at least what I’ve heard of it, is up my alley (but in 1985 I would have LOVED IT), but I do love hearing new music. Anything else you’re a fan of, that I might not have heard?

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