A member of Leamington Spa…

Do you know I adore tennis? I grew up on the stuff. Grandpa played, and dad played in college. Even my cousins, college football and rugby players (one All American!), always played tennis for fun. I had several summer’s worth of lessons, but turned to field hockey and lacrosse just when it mattered. Our court is clay, but I’ve come to appreciate Wimbledon and the Open. The former is always on during July 4th, and is the only reason I remember coming up from the beach. Well, that, and when my lips would turn blue.
Anyway, I’ve got a tennis itch, but no time just now to warm up the racquet. Instead, let’s have a trio of tribute videos, all on the theme of “balls.”

Do you remember this? Michael Chan was hard core, dude. What you lack in skills…

Tell me that didn’t frighten you, just a little bit. Serena is serious. Hopefully, Justine Henin was looking the other direction.

The text in this is AWESOME. “I love when you shake it like that, ah, ah, ah.”

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