Keep on rockin’ in the free world.

I may start my Cultural Production and Institutions class with a session on How To Kill The State in Yourself.* Beyond the obvious confusion that will arise, the value of this choice lies in the segue it will provide to both the session on Foucault, The Panopticon and The Death of the Author, and the session on Copyright Law and P2P file sharing.

Also, it will be a lovely jumping-off point for me to relate to my young’uns about how I was in Russia (in Шупашкар, to be exact) in 1991.  Specifically, we left on November 17th, 1991 (my 16th birthday) and consequently were “in country” when Yeltsin issued the decree banning the CPSU.  We were also there for the vote in favor of Ukrainian independence, and the establishment of the CIS by what Yeltsin called an “unconstitutional coup”, but that was a little less discussed around us Americanskis.  All our host fathers, themselves CPSU leadership, losing their jobs–that was a more common topic of conversation, believe it or not.

See how boringly self-referential my lectures can be?

The lesson here is: Teenagers Love Protests Involving Crafts.  Read that linked article.  Comrades.

*This is the very first time a person otherwise unknown to me has sent in a suggested blog post, without also including a request for money, immediate enrollment in Vanderbilt’s graduate department of sociology, or a list of choice four-letter words.  And it’s AWESOME.  So thanks to that Who down in Whoville.


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